Playing at 12points Festival September 2018. Their words:

Putting labels on music is often hard to do. Putting musicians on labels, however,  says quite a lot more, with less words. Danish alto saxophonist Mia Dyberg released her debut album, Ticket! on the prestigious Portuguese label, Clean Feed, whose roster includes Mary Halvorson, Tim Berne, Tony Malaby, Evan Parker, and other luminaries of the free jazz world. Dyberg’s music is inspired, in large part, by the swing and poetry of William S. Burroughs, emphasizing playfulness, cut up techniques, pulse-awareness and what she describes as “the silver smoke of dreams”. This is energetic free jazz of the highest calibre, in the fertile format of the ‘chordless saxophone trio’, underpinned by a tight rhythm section of Narvesen & Thomsen who aren’t afraid to groove, and groove hard. While recording their debut, Dyberg chose a selection of Burroughs’ material; radio excerpts and other voice recordings, as a jumping off point for improvisation informed directly by these recordings. Focusing on textures, timbre, and group-sound, the results are self evident. In this freewheeling music, it’s clear that while Dyberg nods affirmatively to the past, she is staring steadfastly at the future. Gripping stuff.


Asger Thomsen

Asger Thomsen is a double bass player and composer in the field of improvised music with and without notated material. Thomsen has established himself as a strong improvisor in the Copenhagen scene and can be heard in many different contexts spanning from alternative pop to free/experimental jazz and avant-garde. He toured in Denmark, Poland, and USA and has been working with prominent names such as Kresten Osgood, Kasper Tranberg, Christian Kyhl, Eliot Cardinoux, Pandelis Karayorgis, and many others.

Mia Dyberg

Mia Dyberg is a danish saxophonist, improviser and composer based in Berlin. Mia Dyberg is one of the new exciting voices on the European jazz scene. Her unique melodic expression emerges from wild sound experiments combined with Scandinavian melancholy. She performs w./ improv-musicians such as Clayton Thomas, Herb Robertson, Tobias Delius etc. She is also the co-founder of the international improvisers collective The Community. ‘Dyberg utilized a range of ancillary sound-making devices and techniques, stretching into AACM -inspired passages of deep conversation, playful chatter and bluesy storytelling.’- Clifford Allen, New York City Jazz Record

Dag M. Narvesen

Dag Magnus Narvesen is a Norwegian drummer, percussionist and composer who mainly works within the field of improvised music and progressive jazz music. Dag Magnus Narvesen's sound can be described as very energetic with lots of different textures developing simultaneously. Dag Magnus Narvesen has throughout the years collaborated with many profiled musicians, among them: Evan Parker, Andrew D'angelo, Marilyn Crispell, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Keith Tippet, Steve Beresford, Didrik Ingvaldsen, Johannes Bauer, Fredrik Ljungkvist and many more.

Pulse! – Mia Dyberg Trio


Mia Dyberg Trio - Pulse!

Mia Dyberg Trio - Joy!

Mia Dyberg Trio - Wil's Swing

Mia Dyberg Trio - Cocooning into Silver Smoke


‘Everything is within a searching, loose rhythmic and melodic framework in the tradition of the European free-jazz tradition with strong roots both in England and perhaps in particular Germany. We have three listeners and empathic musicians that play together well, through listening and not staying alone, but with the collective, at the center’. Excerpt from: 


Review Ticket! & Interweaving by Schlippenbach/Narvesen Duo Tor Hammerø

‘The young generation of ‘free’ musicians can build on their predecessors’ achievements. They are free(d) to
switch between different modes of playing and create
their own voice, throws and furrow of sound and music:
highly energetic, bold, subtle, wild, melodic, far out, far in, visceral and emergence of deep groove ….’

Copenhagen Jazz Festival mentioning Henning Bolte/All About Jazz
 ‘(…)Vi får noen up-tempo-låter som kan minne litt om Henry Threadgills AIR-trio, mens andre ting er helt nedpå og i den mye mer frilynte delen av jazzskalaen. Men hele tiden låter det fint. Mia Dyberg er en original altsaksofonist, som har gode ideer både i det kompositoriske og i improvisasjonene. Thomsen har en nydelig «stemme» i bassen, og Narvesen utfyller de to på en eminent måte.

En trio man skal følge videre!’



Ticket! Review Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts

‘Mia Dyberg er en saksofonist som er godt inne i det fritt improviserende. Men ikke uten at det både er «hode og hale» i det hun gjør. (…) jeg synes Dybergs spill er mer kontrollert og oversiktlig enn noen av de andre. Hun har full kontroll på det frie, men har også jazzhistorien godt inne, og bruker dette friskt i samspill med den utmerkede vokalisten Kamilla Kovacs. Settet de gjorde denne kvelden besto av frie strekk, men også partier med klart strukturerte og planlagte øyeblikk, og sett under ett, var dette en strålende åpning på fin kveld på 5e’.…/juleavslutning-uten-julesanger-pa…/

5e concert review Jan Granlie - Salt Peanuts

’I really don’t want to call “The Mia Dyberg Trio” by that name. Because, for me, this unit transcends any standard format or name. So, for the sake of these words, I will just call them…..

The Eyelash Butterfly

The Electric Fisherman

and The Big Boom

Together, they create. And this world of creation is happening from the moment sound escapes their instruments, until the final curtain falls. This world is a special world. With exactitudes. Liberties. Emotions and beaucoup listening going on!

Treat yourself to their chemistry and you will be glowing for weeks afterwards.’- Greg Cohen

Greg Cohen: ‘The Eyelash Butterfly The Electric Fisherman and The Big Boom’

‘I don’t know how Mia Dyberg does it, but many times you forget that it’s a saxophone she is playing. It is so much more than that’

Lisa Appelqvist – Kristianstadbladet

‘Both Dyberg and Robertson utilized a range of ancillary sound-making devices and techniques, stretching into AACM/CMIF/ BAG-inspired passages of deep conversation, playful chatter and bluesy storytelling’

Clifford Allen – New York City Jazz Record

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